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Self Stirring Portable Electric mug

Self Stirring Portable Electric mug

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Self-stirring portable mug

Say hello to a new way to mix condiments, and goodbye to using a spoon. 

This mug is high-temperature resistant, heat sensitive detected, and has automatic stirring.


Why should you get yours?

Easy to use: simply press the button and the propeller will do its magic without any hassle and anybody can use it. 

Easily attached: after thoroughly washing it, the re-attachments are done with ease, not like any other self-stirring mugs. 

Saves time: mixing with the all-new self-stirring mug means you can do it on the go and not be late for work having to make your coffee last minute.


 Why have to hassle with a spoon when all is done like magic for you? what are you waiting for get your today, and live life with ease. 

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